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About me

Hi, I’m Tomasz and this is my short story..

Today I can admit, I’m a happy guy profiting from living a calm and happy family life, growing kids. I love spending time with my family, I learned how to enjoy small things in everyday life.

I live healthy and sporty life caring about good mental and physical condition, balanced diet and regular fitness exercises. Every year I beat my own record for 10K run, the last one stands for 47 min 13 sec. This year my challenge is to run below 47 min. Keep your fingers crossed! 

Every year I beat my own record for 10K run.

My mission and source of personal satisfaction is helping people by sharing my knowledge, and experience with everyone who wants to live happy and well balanced life with  consensus to his core values, self-esteem, beloved family, and great job

I manage to work full time job for a multinational and develop some new projects on my own. 

What I do for living? I am marketing enthusiast with 17 years experience in this area. I’ve been working for market leader in FMCG retail chain in Poland. Over 1000 brick and mortar stores and strong presence and sales in digital. I work as marketing manager, who created the team of 25 engaged people. We have many successes nationwide in this field. 

I still have a lot of new ideas and dare to draw from my full potential. I believe it’s just the beginning of my story.

I still have a lot of new ideas and dare to draw from my full potential.


My previous perspective was not so optimistic. I struggled with everyday issues: paying off high mortgage rates and high consumer loans, having overwhelming job and bully boss, growing up small kids and fixing their little problems, lacking of time for myself. 

Additional worries concerned my health condition, chronic stress and general feeling of decreasing physical condition. It was too much for me, I felt totally overwhelmed and was about to fall into deep depression. 

I knew I have to change my life. So I changed my perspective, stopped to worry and started to actively forge my life, step by step. 

Today I feel obliged to share my experience. I have a pleasure to invite you to read more about me and what’s vital: more about your new life habits in my ebooks.
I will appreciate any questions concerning my books but also any suggestions what I could change, add or even write another book for you!