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Have you ever wanted to start running but just never got going?
Imagine you did it! You feel like a star. You won a medal for your first 5K run. Congratulations! You feel fulfilled, and share your life success with whole world around you. You are a runner!
It is a short but complete guide to start running. So, let’s get off the couch and have fun!
The book is about starting. You will get practical tips to follow to have a successful first run. It will also educate you on common mistakes and possible injuries.
It is everything you need to build a healthy running habit.
And feel great at the finish line!
In this book, you are offered a step-by-step guide and four different training plans.
All you need is six weeks after going through this guide, and the seventh week, you are already on your 5K. Yes, it can be that easy if you get this manual.
It’s your turn!

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